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Do you want to perform hangs-on surgery of the brain, heart, eye, skin, kidneys and more? Would you like to see what bones, muscles, and fat really look and feel like? The Jr.Doctor program gives children a look into the STEM field of medicine allowing them to explore the organs of life. 

Jr. Doctor


Do you have a passion for aviation? Would you like to learn how planes fly through the air? Flight school will demonstrate the science behind lift and gravity by allowing kids to launch model rockets and helicopters high in the air. Everyone is sure to leave with a smile! 

Flight School

Students will tingle with excitement both figuratively and literally as they learn to make chemicals and see gasses change shapes, state, and erupt! Explode into Science is a great way for children to understand the basic properties of chemistry. 

Explode Into Science


Do you want to learn what it takes to be a veterinarian? Do you have a passion to help animals and learn how? Would you love to experience first hand how to dissect and perform surgery? Your curiosity will be peaked every second of this course. You will learn how the different systems work harmoniously together to create wonderful creatures. 

Pet Vet

Do you dream of becoming a scientist, doctor, or surgeon? Do you love science? Want to actually see and feel first hand how a different animals are put together? Extreme Dissection will lead children through the complex structure of organs and intestines while learn about how they all work together. 

Extreme Dissection

Chess Board

Learn the techniques and strategies needed to play Chess. The process of playing chess is proven to increase problem-solving abilities and improve test taking skills of those who participate. It is also an amazing game that everyone should learn how to play.


harry potter.jpg

Enter the Hogwarts lab to mix up concoctions for the spooky season. Choose your house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin! 

Make your very own wand. Turn a liquid into a solid by making gak. Experience extreme explosions, create a homemade butter-beer and watch it bubble in your cauldron. With lots of crafts and a  game of quidditch, this Harry Potter class will leave your wizards wanting more!

Harry Potter


Reading is a fantastic and positive way to learn and practice reading. Give your child the opportunity to build upon their current reading skills and become more confident readers. 

Learn basic phonics and progresses all the way through reading comprehension. From working on vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, to understanding paragraphs. 



Jr Detective will help your child discover the exciting world of crime solving! Uncovering clues, testing chemicals for matches, and figuring out who committed the crime! 

Jr Detective 


Ever wanted to build a robot but don't quite know how? In this robotics class, kids will learn the basics of building their very own robot. From the electronics of the circuits and how they flow, to the essential pieces of a robot, to the vast types of robots and what they do, to powering the robot with a motor. 



Release your inner Jedi as you battle the across the galaxy! From lightsabers, spacecrafts, droids, and padawans, you will come to find if you truly are a skywalker

Star Wars


Water Rocket Science

and Marshmallow Blasters

Do you love to learn how a rocket works?  Your imagination and excitement will soar as you blast off your very own water rocket! Water rocket science will teach children the science behind rockets and how we can use air pressure to create lift. 


Extreme Shark and Sea Creatures

Does the ocean fascinate you? Do you love sharks, octopus, giant squids, killer whales, stingrays, or even shrimp? You will get to observe what a shark is made of when we dissect a real shark! Discover what is required to live in this environment such as gills, teeth, fins, color patterns, glow in the dark traps, stingers and more! 


Extreme Dinosaurs

Want to build a six-foot T-Rex that moves and roars? Lets learn about theses amazing cold-blooded reptiles from the past. What did dinosaurs eat? How did they move? Where did they live? What ever happened to these larger than life, amazing animals! Fossils tell part of the story, but we will dive deeper. Children will get to feel with their hands, look with their eyes, and other sense to discover these amazing animals. 


Bugs, Insects, and Spiders

Do you love butterflies, scorpions, tarantulas, or even a grasshopper?  Discover how a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly, investigate how some organisms capture their prey without getting eaten, and imagine being transformed to the size of an ant and moving about the adventure avoiding predators and decomposers by working in teams to survive. Bugs, Insects, and Spiders will allow children to explore the small world of bugs right in the classroom! 



A drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with on-board sensors and GPS. Learn how to control, fly, and work different style and sizes of drones. Aerodynamics is a huge part of flight, covering topics like lift, drag, and thrust. 



Explore the deep dark universe by going deep into space exploration. Jumping head first into the ice cold galaxies , your little astronauts will start to understand the dangerous world of supernovas, black holes, space shuttles, and what it takes to live in space. 

Learn about the planets, the first astronaut, and even the great space race! 

body system.jpg

Body Systems

The body system is a huge part of biology. Bones, hearts, lungs, the brain, blood vessels, muscles, the organs,  the digestive system, immune system, the nervous system, and even why your body does what it does, are topic covered in this very cool, exciting systems class. Children will develop a better understanding of how their body works!



Math-tastic will help your child reach their math goal! Whether is is to be above and beyond or just supplement help to understand math, this class is designed to help each child's personal goals and struggles in math. Students will become independent learners as they move forward through this program. 


CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid are no longer just for adults. We will teach kids the importance of knowing what to do next in a critical situation. From calling 911, to chest compressions, to making slings for an arm, your child will be prepared for any situation. 



Crime scene investigators will no longer just be on TV. Jump into the exciting world of forensics and learn what it takes to solve real crimes! Learning fingerprints, DNA, and even chromatography



Jump into the exciting world of engineering. Learn how to make a catapult, car making, and simple machines.  

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